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"Once the mercury is distilled, it goes into amalgam for dental fillings, which is a combination of metals that has been the most popular and effective filling material used in dentistry for the last 150 years. We recycle amalgam taken out of teeth as well, take it through the distillation process and recycle the material. It's an absolute closed loop," said Daryl. Looking to the future, CMA Ecocycle invests in researching new technology and machinery to increase efficiency of other recycling processes and resources. "We are in the process of building Australia's first fully automated battery recycling facility, which will save time and resources to effectively sort the correct batteries into the correct recycling process. Sorting batteries can be dangerous and expensive. Currently more than 12,000 tonnes of batteries go into landfill every year, this new facility will address that issue head-on," said Daryl. This new plant will simplify the process to increase the amount of batteries recycled and increase accuracy. INDUSTRY LEADER "Our company works across all industries including electrical contractors, government, hospitals, mining and waste management companies. We provide the mercury distillation service by distributing packaging for customers to fill with fluorescent tubes. We then pick them up to recycle in Campbellfield." – Daryl Moyle. FLUORESCENT LIGHTS READY FOR RECYCLING 15

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